Improve the Confluence "pagetree" macro functionality

There are two little issues for the Confluence "pagetree" macro that a lot of people wants to get fixed. Styling the current active page and automatically expand the children.

Point 1 - Style the selected page element in the tree

The currently selected page in the pagetree will be shown with a bold font style. At the selected element in the DOM you will find a "style" attribute with the value "font-weigth: bold;".But to do some own styling you will need a css class or id to grap this element.

Point 2 - Expand the children of the selected page

Wouldn't it be nice to automatically expand the child pages of a selected page? By default there is no macro parameter to achieve this request.

To solve these points we need to add a little code snippet to our "Administration" -> "Custom HTML"-Section ("At beginning of the BODY"-part).

I successfully have tested this code in confluence 3.4.2, 3.5.2, 4.1 and 4.2.

Improve the Confluence "pagetree" macro functionality. Ccode in Confluence
Heinrich Ulbricht
11. Mai 2011 

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