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Webinar: individually design your Confluence and JIRA with CUTE - CommunardoUserThemeExtension

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The standard theme of your Confluence or JIRA interface often appears to be very ordinary. Why not spruce it up by creating a unique layout and matching it to your company's corporate design? An elaborate and colorful design makes your Confluence or JIRA distinctive and motivates employees.
The add-on CUTE for Confluence or JIRA offers various ways for you to compose your favorite design. How this add-on works in practice will be demonstrated in a free 30-minute online presentation. Join our webinar and find out how easy it is to individually adjust your user interface.

The webinar provides useful information for users of Atlassian JIRA and Confluence, as well as for those administrators, IT managers, and companies that want their JIRA or Confluence to adapt to their CI/CD. No knowledge of the development of add-ons is required.

About the Webinar

  • Learn about the functions of the add-on CUTE for Confluence and JIRA
  • How to create an individual user interface design
  • Get to know the company-specific expansions of the user interface
  • Complete extensions and learn how to use them

The webinar was conducted in English.

Your Instructor

pkr Paul Kruse

Social Collaboration Consultant
Team Consulting


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3. Februar 2015

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