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User Profile Plugin ready for Confluence 3.5

User Profile Plugin LogoOur incredi­ble Confluence User Profile Plugin is now avail­able in it's new ver­sion 1.3 for all Confluence 3.5 sys­tems.  New fea­tures are the Confluence 3.5.x sup­port and a much more easier licen­sing model. Furthermore, the user syn­chro­niz­a­tion job is now acces­si­ble at the admi­nis­tra­tion via "Scheduled Jobs".

The User Profile Plugin enhan­ces the func­tio­n­a­lity of Confluence user pro­files. It allows the exten­sion of the user pro­files and sup­ports the syn­chro­niz­a­tion with exter­nal user repo­si­to­ries (like Active Directory, LDAP) .

18. Mai 2011

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