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CUTE for JIRA and Confluence Version 1.4 – all the flexibility you know, just better

Extension administration made easy and more flexible with CUTE 1.4: Benefit from versioning of extensions, autosave, and support for Confluence mobile.

To be honest - it took us quite a while to pro­vide a new release of CUTE for JIRA and CUTE for Confluence. Why is that? Because we think the pro­duct was already quite good 😉 And since CUTE is more of a tool­set than a pro­duct that adds use cases all of the impro­ve­ments we made are kind of tech­ni­cal by nature. Read on to learn more about the details.

Versioning of CUTE extensions

The most important impro­ve­ment would pro­bably be [CUTE-2] (its fifth bir­th­day is approa­ching in a few days) which allows an in-product ver­sio­ning of CUTE exten­si­ons. A but­ton lets you create a new ver­sion of the same exten­sion with the option to switch back to older ver­si­ons (which are mar­ked as “archi­ved”).

Versioning CUTE extensions with CUTE 1.4
Versioning CUTE exten­si­ons with CUTE 1.4


Autosave while edi­t­ing extensions

The new option auto­ma­ti­cally saves any file that is edi­ted via the built-in edi­tor. Never fear the loss of unsaved data again!

Support for Confluence mobile

With CUTE for Confluence 1.4, it is pos­si­ble to change the look and feel of the mobile view of Confluence. A few things are requi­red for this so please refer to the offi­cial docu­men­ta­tion (LINK).

Define the order of CUTE extensions

In rare sce­n­a­rios where several CUTE exten­si­ons are used to modify the same view of JIRA or Confluence it is nee­ded to spe­ci­fi­cally define the order in which the exten­si­ons are loa­ded. This does not occur too often but we’ve had a few sup­port issues about this and lis­tened to your feedback.

Further impro­ve­ments

A lot of small impro­ve­ments and a few bug­fi­xes will make life as a JIRA or Confluence admi­nis­tra­tor easier with ver­sion 1.4 – a full list is avail­able in our public JIRA instance.

Simplify adjus­ting your Confluence and JIRA user inter­face with CUTE 1.4.
>> Get star­ted with a 30-day trial of CUTE for Confluence and CUTE for JIRA.

27. Juni 2017

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