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Confluence 5: The pagetree is back!

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With Confluence 5 Atlassian pro­vi­des a whole new Design that impro­ves the usa­bi­lity of the Wiki sys­tem. The default design with its intel­li­gent side­bar is now an alter­na­tive to the exis­ting "Documentation Theme". But a small little thing keeps users from swit­ching to the new Atlassian default design: The com­plete page­tree is not avail­able in the sidebar!


This little pro­blem can easily be sol­ved .… with CUTE. An exten­sion for this is avail­able in our Support Portal. It sim­ply adds the page­tree into the side­bar. With this you are able to see again where you are and where you might want to go.




18. März 2013

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