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How-to: Deleting the JIRA Plugin Cache

logoJIRAPNGGermany-Flag-iconSometimes JIRA add-ons can­not be updated using the Universal Plugin Manager or the startup fails due to strange plugin rela­ted errors. In such situa­tions – and all other kinds of plugin rela­ted weird­nes­ses – manu­ally dele­ting the JIRA plugin cache often helps to resolve the pro­blems. In the fol­lowing arti­cle we pro­vide a step-by-step guide. So read on to see how to do this.


jira plugin cache löschenDeleting said cache has no nega­tive side effects (even if it may not be necessary in every case) because JIRA auto­ma­ti­cally recrea­tes those fol­ders and files again during the restart.

Step-by-step guide on dele­ting the JIRA Plugin Cache

  1.  Stop JIRA
  2. Delete the fol­lowing folders: 
    • JIRA_HOME/plugins/.bundled-plugins
    • JIRA_HOME/plugins/.osgi-plugins
  3. Start JIRA

Quick warning: please do not delete the fol­der installed-plugins as this will result in errors. The pro­ce­dure is the same for Linux and Windows Servers.

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Müssen bei Jira Data Center dann auch die Ordner
• JIRA_SharedHome/plugins/.bundled-plugins
• JIRA_SharedHome/plugins/.osgi-plugins
gelöscht werden?

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