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Webinar: Connector for SharePoint Search - Integrating Confluence in your enterprise search

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German WebinarThis webi­nar was also held in German (21.05. 10:00am CEST)

Connector for SharePoint Search

The search for saved data files or records in a com­pany often takes the form of loo­king for the pro­ver­bial needle in a hay­stack. Either one is bles­sed with acute inves­ti­ga­tive skills like that of a detec­tive, or every com­pany worker must strictly abide by rigid rules and gui­de­li­nes. But nobody is per­fect. Therefore we have sear­ched and found a way by using the inte­gra­ted search in two dif­fe­rent systems. 

Now our "Connector for SharePoint Search" is the result: it com­bi­nes the results of two of the most used Social Software Systems, Microsoft SharePoint and Atlassian Confluence

The Connector for SharePoint Search relies on the excel­lent search of Microsoft SharePoint and inte­gra­tes the con­tent of spaces, pages, ent­ries and comments from Atlassian Confluence into the SharePoint search result list. In Confluence set access rights are of course obser­ved. About refi­ner search results can be fur­ther filtered.

The Results: You no lon­ger have to switch bet­ween two sys­tems when sear­ching. You save pre­cious time, because you can now find all of the rele­vant search results of two sys­tems in a sin­gle search result list. The valu­able con­tent found in Atlassian Confluence is now avail­able throughout the company.

How this works in prac­tice will be demons­tra­ted in a 30-minute online presentation.

Session spea­ker

Heinrich Ulbricht on linkedin



Heinrich Ulbricht
Software deve­lo­per,
Team Microsoft Solutions

What is the tar­get group?

The webi­nar is aimed at decision makers and IT experts from com­pa­nies, which use Confluence and SharePoint run­ning par­al­lel or have plan­ned this. Take a big step toward a "One Enterprise Search"!

What is the added value offe­red to you?

  • Establishment of a cen­tral enter­prise search
  • Enterprise search opti­miz­a­tion by search inte­gra­tion and appe­aling search result presentation
  • Efficiency gain for all employees
30. April 2014

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