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User Profiles for JIRA 2.0 – Using Profile Information in Custom Fields

We are proud to present a User Profiles for JIRA 2.0! Read on to see how to add user profile information to JIRA issue screens and use it in JIRA Workflows.

User Profiles for JIRA LogoIt’s been a long road for User Pro­files for JIRA alre­ady. Initi­ally published as sis­ter-pro­duct to the best sel­ling add-on User Pro­files for Con­flu­ence back in 2014 a lot of custo­mers use and love the add-on so far and gave us valu­able feed­back of their usage. This hel­ped us a lot in deci­ding which next steps to take for User Pro­files for JIRA.

So today we are proud to pre­sent a new major ver­sion of our User Pro­files for JIRA add-on!
Bes­i­des plenty of small impro­ve­ments, it brings a very use­ful and big fea­ture. Bear with us as we walk you through of what’s inside.

So what’s new in User Profiles for JIRA 2.0?

Use Profile Information on JIRA issues

Have you ever felt the need to pro­vide infor­ma­tion about a per­son on a JIRA issue? E. g. the assignee’s phone num­ber.
Or even wan­ted to use this pro­file infor­ma­tion in a JQL fil­ter? Think a a sce­n­a­rio where you are loo­king for all JIRA issues that are assi­gned to anyone of Peter’s team. Or hand­ling user pro­file infor­ma­tion in JIRA work­flow post­func­tions and Scrip­tRun­ner or other add-ons?

With User Pro­files for JIRA 2.0 you can do all that now – and it’s very easy: Just create a new Custom Field and select “User Pro­file Field” as Field Type. Then, map a User Pro­file Field with the crea­ted Custom Field and select a refe­rence user (e. g. the repor­ter, assi­gnee or ano­t­her custom field of the type user picker) and you can start adding it to your View Screens or using it on fil­ters (using JQL) or with add-ons. It’s that simple!

For details about the con­fi­gu­ra­tion please refer to our docs.

Data Center compatibility

A bit over­due, we have to admit. But finally User Pro­files for JIRA is now com­pa­ti­ble with JIRA Data Cen­ter! 🎊

New Field Type: Phone Number

Now there is a dedi­ca­ted Phone Num­ber Field for User Pro­files that sup­ports Click-to-Call. That means, you can just click or tab on a phone num­ber and call it directly without nee­ding to copy & paste any­thing. This works par­ti­cu­larly well when added to the view issue screen to have easy access to the link. Of course it also works on your smart­phone, making dialing a bre­eze.

Find the add-on configuration more easily

In ear­lier ver­si­ons of User Pro­files for JIRA, JIRA admins could find the add-on con­fi­gu­ra­tion under the sec­tion “User Manage­ment” in the Admi­nis­tra­tion area. We recei­ved the feed­back that this was a little hard to find occa­sio­nally, so we lis­tened to your calls and moved the con­fi­gu­ra­tion  to the sec­tion “Add-ons” in the Admi­nis­tra­tion area. Thanks for your feed­back so far!
Screenshot of the Administration area

User Pro­files for JIRA is avail­able in the Atlas­sian Mar­ket­place. To see a full list of sup­por­ted fea­tures you may want to have a look at the offi­cial docu­men­ta­tion.

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