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SharePoint Connector for Confluence 1.9.8 released – ready for Confluence 6.0 and SharePoint 2016 + important improvements

We proudly pre­sent the first new release of Sha­re­Point Con­nec­tor for Con­flu­ence after we took over this add-on from its ori­gi­nal ven­dor Atlas­sian. Many of our cli­ents have been asking for the com­pa­ti­bi­lity of the Sha­re­Point Con­nec­tor with the new ver­si­ons of Con­flu­ence and Atlas­sian. Our engi­nee­ring team has been really busy during the last cou­ple of weeks. So, there you are!


These are the high­lights of our first release:

The highlights of R 1.9.8

  • com­pa­ti­bi­lity with Sha­re­Point 2016
  • com­pa­ti­bi­lity with Con­flu­ence 6.0
  • no more inter­net con­nec­tion requi­red for instal­la­ti­ons (CSI-1156)
  • adjust­ments to licen­cing
  • fur­ther bug fixes and impro­ve­ments
  • see the full list of impro­vents and fixes in JIRA.

Support for legacy versions of SharePoint and Confluence discontinued.

As of today we are ter­mi­na­ting our sup­port ser­vices for Sha­re­Point 2007 and Con­flu­ence 5.6 or prior ver­si­ons. We would like to encou­rage our cli­ents to update their instal­la­ti­ons to newer ver­si­ons of both plat­forms in order to receive full ven­dor sup­port for Con­flu­ence, Sha­re­Point and the Sha­re­Point Con­nec­tor. Please refer to the com­pa­ti­bi­lity matrix on the Communardo Sup­port Por­tal. In case of any ques­ti­ons please con­tact our sup­port team.

We are planning to improve the connector – please vote for your favourite features!

In August we collec­ted valuable feed­back from our cli­ents of the Sha­re­Point Con­nec­tor for Con­flu­ence. Many of you replied to our sur­vey and sub­se­quently enga­ged in nume­rous web ses­si­ons. Thank you very much for all the valuable feed­back that you gave! We’ve been lis­ten­ing very care­fully and com­pi­led a list of poten­tial impro­ve­ments. Natu­rally, we won’t be able to imple­ment all of these impro­ve­ments at once. We would like to prio­ri­tize the items in our back­log and start with the ones that are the most import­ant for you and your users. The­re­fore, we kindly ask you to please vote for your most import­ant issues from this list and add com­ments with spe­ci­fic remarks if app­lica­ble:

  1. Embed docu­ments from Sha­re­Point into wiki pages in Con­flu­ence (CSI-1723)
  2. Replace Con­flu­ence file upload by Sha­re­Point docu­ment library (CSI-1722)
  3. Con­text menu for Sha­re­Point files in Con­flu­ence […] (CSI-1724)
  4. Imple­ment Con­flu­ence user hover in sp-list macro (CSI-621)
  5. Res­pon­sive UI (CSI-1716)
  6. Allow swit­ching default search con­tent in Con­flu­ence (CSI-579)
  7. Re-con­sider how a Con­flu­ence admi­nis­tra­tor con­nects to a Sha­re­Point site for inte­gra­tion (CSI-755)

Would you like to add some­thing really import­ant? Please feel free to check our ent­ire story back­log or file an addi­tio­nal fea­ture request in our Sup­port Cen­ter!

What shall I do if my licences does not work anymore?

In some cases exis­ting licen­ces will not work after updating to ver­sion 1.9.8 due to tech­ni­cal chan­ges that we had to make fol­lo­wing the trans­fer of the code from Atlas­sian. If you are affec­ted (the UPM is dis­play­ing your license as inva­lid), please log into, copy the licence key for the Sha­re­Point Con­nec­tor for Con­flu­ence and paste it manu­ally in the licence field of the UPM. This should solve the pro­blem for the future.

We are accepting the “Cloud Challenge”! How about you?

Are you mis­sing the one issue CSI-683 with the hig­hest score of 222+ votes on the list above? You are abso­lu­tely right! Many com­pa­nies are moving to the cloud with Micro­soft Office 365 or Sha­re­Point these days or plan­ning to use both Sha­re­Point Ser­ver and Sha­re­Point Online in hybrid sce­na­rios. Natu­rally, they require sup­port for Office 365 to inte­grate with their Con­flu­ence instal­la­ti­ons. This has been the fea­ture request men­tio­ned most often in our con­ver­sa­ti­ons with cli­ents so far. As a mat­ter of fact, com­pa­ti­bi­lity with Office 365 requi­res a fun­da­men­tal archi­tec­tu­ral change for the Sha­re­Point Con­nec­tor resul­ting in con­sidera­ble re-design and imple­men­ta­tion effort. Howe­ver, our engi­nee­ring team is accep­t­ing the chal­lenge. Right after the release of ver­sion 1.9.8 we will start the design and spe­ci­fi­ca­tion work for Sha­re­Point Online com­pa­ti­bi­lity. It will take several months until we will be able to release a first ver­sion. Are you inte­rested in par­ti­ci­pa­ting in a beta test? If so, please raise a sup­port ticket to let us know. Please stay tuned! Thank you!


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