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SharePoint Connector for Confluence 2.0 – a look behind the scenes

We provide an exclusive preview of the SharePoint Connector for Confluence with support for SharePoint Online. Get the news first on our blog!

When will SharePoint Online or Office 365 be supported?

Many cust­o­m­ers have asked us about whe­ther the Sha­re­Point Con­nec­tor for Con­flu­ence sup­ports Sha­re­Point Online or Office 365. In fact Sup­port for Sha­re­Point Online is the hig­hest voted issue in our JIRA Pro­ject for the Sha­re­Point Con­nec­tor for Con­flu­ence – by far! But to be honest, the ans­wer to this ques­tion is: Not yet, but we are giving our best!

SharePoint Connector for Confluence - Development status update

SharePoint Connector for Confluence 2.0 will bring support for SharePoint Online!

We are cur­rently deve­lo­ping and tes­ting a new ver­sion which we will release as ver­sion 2.0. As we are having a strong focus on usa­bi­lity and user expe­ri­ence, the new ver­sion of the Sha­re­Point Con­nec­tor will allow a far easier instal­la­tion, admi­nis­tra­tion and usage for the end user than the cur­rent solu­tion. So besi­des sup­porting new plat­forms this will indeed repre­sent a major over­haul of the pro­duct with lots of addi­tio­nal bene­fits for both sys­tem admi­nis­tra­tors and end users. We are pretty exci­ted about that fact (Lächeln)

Unfor­t­u­n­a­tely, this is a lot more com­plex than it sounds, since Sha­re­Point 2013 Micro­soft sup­ports the add-in struc­ture. In com­pa­ri­son, the cur­rent Sha­re­Point Con­nec­tor is a solu­tion, which is not sup­por­ted by Sha­re­Point Online. From a tech­ni­cal point of view this requi­res a lot of source code to be com­ple­tely rewrit­ten from scratch so it will take some more time. As pre­viously sta­ted, we are plan­ning to have a working pro­duct avail­able later this year, so a little pati­ence is still nee­ded.

Want to have look behind the scenes?

Besi­des the text of this blog post we have more to offer right now. The ani­ma­tion below repres­ents a deve­lop­ment snap­shot form one of our early build sho­w­ing the con­fi­gu­ra­tion and con­tent selec­tion of the new Con­flu­ence Web­part in action. Do you like it so far? We are loo­king for­ward to recei­ving your feed­back!

Confluence Webpart

Just to be on the safe side: the above ani­ma­tion is sub­ject to change until the final pro­duct is avail­able. But it should give an idea about where we are hea­ding to (Zwinkern)

If you are wil­ling to par­ti­ci­pate in beta tes­ting, please feel free to con­tact our

. Thanks again for bea­ring with us! Gree­tings from the pas­sio­nate soft­ware deve­l­o­pers of Communardo in Dres­den!

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