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SubSpace Navigation for Confluence 3.0 has arrived

SubSpace Navigation for Confluence

Today marks an import­ant miles­tone in the his­tory of Communardo Pro­ducts: our oldest (active) add-on in the Atlas­sian Mar­ket­place gets fresh paint in form of a major update. In this blog post I’ll walk you through the most import­ant chan­ges and show how they might impact your Con­flu­ence instance.

First of all, please allow me to give you a quick recap of the his­tory of this pro­duct in order to show its import­ance for Communardo Pro­ducts:


Now as you can see there’s quite some heri­tage atta­ched to the add-on so let’s take a look into what is new…

Now what’s new in SubSpace Navigation for Confluence 3.0?

You may have noti­ced that the add-on recei­ved a new name and a fresh loo­king logo. Besi­des those opti­cal chan­ges, the whole pro­duct has been rebuild from scratch. This leads to a broad variety of chan­ges and I’m going to high­light the most import­ant ones below.

Look and feel, User Experience

subspace-edit-navigation-highlight-2Star­ting all over again gave us the oppor­tu­nity to rebuild the UI in order to bet­ter align with the design of Con­flu­ence. This affects both the end user ele­ments as well as the admi­nis­tra­tion inter­face. Besi­des this, we also intro­du­ced a lot of usa­bi­lity impro­ve­ments.


By using the CQL option in the navi­ga­tion, power­ful per­so­na­liza­t­ion is pos­si­ble. Please refer to the full docu­men­ta­tion and find a few examp­les below:

  • List recently crea­ted pages for the cur­rent log­ged in user:
    contributor = currentUser() AND type IN("page", "blogpost") ORDER BY created DESC
  • List the favou­trite pages and blog­posts of the cur­rent log­ged in user:
    favourite = currentUser()


Abso­lu­tely right! You can theme the navi­ga­tion just like you would paint a wall of your house. Well at least it is as sim­ple. The only tool you need is the add-on CUTE for Con­flu­ence.

Having CUTE enab­led, you will instantly find a new (yet still not activa­ted) theme that is avail­able wit­hin your Con­flu­ence: just head to the over­view page for all your CUTE exten­si­ons in the Con­flu­ence Admi­nis­tra­tion.

If you are alre­ady using the CUTE add-on, the exten­si­ons should be pre­sent right now. It’s that easy!

If you are using CUTE prior to ver­sion 1.4 (which is sche­du­led for later this year) you may need to eit­her deac­tivate and activate CUTE in the Uni­ver­sal Plugin Mana­ger or restart your Con­flu­ence in order to see the pro­vi­ded CUTE Exten­sion.

Of course the bund­led CUTE Exten­sion can be modi­fied to your liking, or you can sim­ply create an own theme for your navi­ga­tion wit­hin CUTE.


Other Changes

The add-on is now Data Cen­ter com­pa­ti­ble. We recei­ved reports from some cust­o­m­ers that Sub­S­pace 2.x worked quite well in Data Cen­ter envi­ron­ments but this was never con­fir­med by our QA or Dev Depart­ments. Not any­more 😉
Star­ting with ver­sion 3.0, the add-on will also be covered by our regu­lar sup­port. To learn more about what is inclu­ded in our pro­duct sup­port please have a look into our sup­port por­tal. In addi­tion to that both per­for­mance and secu­rity issues could be resol­ved.

For a full list of chan­ges refer to the offi­cial pro­duct docu­men­ta­tion.

Architectural Changes

The deci­sion to start all over with the add-on was mainly inspi­red by the under­ly­ing archi­tec­ture that was a bit dated. With Sub­S­pace being our oldest add-on it is no sur­prise that mis­ta­kes of the past were quite limit­ing in future deve­lop­ment. This is where some of the secu­rity rela­ted issues were ori­gi­na­ting in.

If you are using a pre­vious ver­sion of Sub­S­pace the exis­ting struc­ture and navi­ga­tion will be migra­ted auto­ma­ti­cally. So besi­des a fresh new look not­hing should change for your end users.

As part the over­haul, we also made the deci­sion to exclude the Sub­S­pace macros for now. We have been in active con­tact with many cust­o­m­ers and the over­all feed­back was that navi­ga­tion is the pri­mary use case they are addres­sing the pro­duct right now. If the need ari­ses we might re-intro­duce macros for the add-on. So if you are really mis­sing this, please do not hesi­tate to con­tact our sup­port – we may even find a work­a­round for spe­ci­fic issues.

A word about the Pricing

Star­ting with ver­sion 3.0 Sub­S­pace Navi­ga­tion for Con­flu­ence will be released under a com­mer­cial license accom­pa­nied by com­mer­cial pri­cing. This was not an easy deci­sion to be made on our side though we felt this is the best what could hap­pen to the add-on. The change in pri­cing will allow us to ensure fur­ther inven­ti­ons in the add-on as well as pro­vi­ding the sup­port many of you know alre­ady from our other Atlas­sian add-ons.

To make the tran­si­tion easier for you we are offe­ring a 100% vou­cher to all exis­ting cust­o­m­ers of the Sub­S­pace Plugin until the End of Janu­ary 2017. In order to receive your vou­cher, please con­tact our sup­port team.

Most cust­o­m­ers were not aware of this: all pre­vious ver­si­ons of Sub­S­pace were in fact Open Source and are as such still avail­able for down­load via the Atlas­sian Mar­ket­place. You can also down­load the source code directly in our Sup­port Por­tal.

Final words

As you can see we as Communardo Pro­ducts are pretty exci­ted about the new release! Actually we can’t await your feed­back on the new fea­tures of the add-on. If you like what you see can of course always add a review at the Atlas­sian Mar­ket­place so other can bene­fit from your expe­ri­ence.

27. September 2016

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