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How-to: Deleting the JIRA Plugin Cache

logoJIRAPNGGermany-Flag-iconSometimes JIRA add-ons cannot be updated using the Universal Plugin Manager or the startup fails due to strange plugin related errors. In such situations – and all other kinds of plugin related weirdnesses – manually deleting the JIRA plugin cache often helps to resolve the problems. In the following article we provide a step-by-step guide. So read on to see how to do this.


jira plugin cache löschenDeleting said cache has no negative side effects (even if it may not be necessary in every case) because JIRA automatically recreates those folders and files again during the restart.

Step-by-step guide on deleting the JIRA Plugin Cache

  1.  Stop JIRA
  2. Delete the following folders:
    • JIRA_HOME/plugins/.bundled-plugins
    • JIRA_HOME/plugins/.osgi-plugins
  3. Start JIRA

Quick warning: please do not delete the folder installed-plugins as this will result in errors. The procedure is the same for Linux and Windows Servers.

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Müssen bei Jira Data Center dann auch die Ordner
• JIRA_SharedHome/plugins/.bundled-plugins
• JIRA_SharedHome/plugins/.osgi-plugins
gelöscht werden?

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