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CUTE for JIRA and Confluence Version 1.4 – all the flexibility you know, just better

Extension administration made easy and more flexible with CUTE 1.4: Benefit from versioning of extensions, autosave, and support for Confluence mobile.

To be honest – it took us quite a while to provide a new release of CUTE for JIRA and CUTE for Confluence. Why is that? Because we think the product was already quite good 😉 And since CUTE is more of a toolset than a product that adds use cases all of the improvements we made are kind of technical by nature. Read on to learn more about the details.

Versioning of CUTE extensions

The most important improvement would probably be [CUTE-2] (its fifth birthday is approaching in a few days) which allows an in-product versioning of CUTE extensions. A button lets you create a new version of the same extension with the option to switch back to older versions (which are marked as “archived”).

Versioning CUTE extensions with CUTE 1.4
Versioning CUTE extensions with CUTE 1.4


Autosave while editing extensions

The new option automatically saves any file that is edited via the built-in editor. Never fear the loss of unsaved data again!

Support for Confluence mobile

With CUTE for Confluence 1.4, it is possible to change the look and feel of the mobile view of Confluence. A few things are required for this so please refer to the official documentation (LINK).

Define the order of CUTE extensions

In rare scenarios where several CUTE extensions are used to modify the same view of JIRA or Confluence it is needed to specifically define the order in which the extensions are loaded. This does not occur too often but we’ve had a few support issues about this and listened to your feedback.

Further improvements

A lot of small improvements and a few bugfixes will make life as a JIRA or Confluence administrator easier with version 1.4 – a full list is available in our public JIRA instance.

Simplify adjusting your Confluence and JIRA user interface with CUTE 1.4.
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