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Confluence Subspace plugin: setting the sequence order of spaces

Quite often I get from users of the Subspace Plugin the question: “How can I set the order sequence of spaces?” This is especially important if the plugin is used to create global navigation bars.

The Subspace Plugin has no features to set the order sequence manually. But the {subspaces} macro, that can be used to show the space hierarchy, provides several sort parameters. They can be used for a workaround to set the sequence order of the spaces.

I’ll explain this workaround with the sample space structure that is shown in the left screenshot.

The parameter {subspaces:sort=modification} allows to sort spaces ascending by the date of the last modification. To sort the spaces for the continents ascending by its area, first the space “Europe” has to be modified (for example by editing the space details – adding a space character to the space description would be enough). Then the space “Africa” has to be modified, followed by the space “Asia”.

The same steps could be used to sort the spaces for the countries. But maybe one don’t want to re-sort the spaces every time a new space for a country has been created, since new spaces will be added according to its modification date at the last position of the sequence order.  In that case the parameter {subspaces:sort=mixed} is useful. It sorts the spaces in the first/top level by modification date and all sub spaces alphabetically by title.

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