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Bugfix of Current Display Bug in Confluence with Google Chrome

Since yesterday evening, a new Google Chrome version is available: 50.0.2661.75 m. This version apparently comes along with a critical Confluence display bug in the edit-mode of a page. The page is displayed in a massively reduced height. This makes the edit-mode of a page almost unusable. Please find an example below.

Bugfix of Current Display Bug in Confluence with Google Chrome

To fix this bug, as long as there is no new Google Chrome Version or Confluence version addressing it, insert the following code under „stylesheet“ in the global Confluence administration.




/* Fix Chrome Display Bug Version 50.0.2661.75 m, 14.04.2016  by Communardo – Mirko Skramusky*/

#com-atlassian-confluence.contenteditor #content {

display: table-cell;





The comment is only for the documentation of the code.

Important note: Spaces using a different theme or their own custom CSS need to have the BugFix applied individually via Space Tools.

Disclaimer: Please test the CSS-Code before using it on a productive environment. We cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the use of the code, since the outcome of its usage may vary because of system configurations or the usage of addons. Thanks to my colleagues Michael Stelzner and Mirko Skramusky, who developed the bugfix.

14. April 2016

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