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SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence – Early Access Webinar

We’ve been very busy since we purchased the well-known SharePoint Connector for Confluence app from Atlassian. By far, the highest voted issue in our Jira was making the Connector compatible with SharePoint Online. This was not a simple update. Our team designed the app from scratch to create a whole new architecture over the last year. In countless calls and web meetings with customers, we received invaluable feedback and in the end, left no line of code untouched in our desire to design a perfect collaboration tool for your teams.

The result: a modern and intuitive user interface, updated functionality and, of course, full compatibility with SharePoint Online. Thus, our whole team proudly present the SharePoint Online Connector! With the all-new Connector, you’re easily able to bridge the gap between your collaboration systems and enable your teams to work as one.

You’d like to see the new app for yourself? Join the free webinar to learn what you can do with the SharePoint Online Connector.

Focus areas

  • Key features of the SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence
  • Benefits of using the Connector 
  • Application examples 

Target Group

  • System Administrators for both SharePoint Online and Confluence
  • IT Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Users of both platforms

Webinar facilitator

David Toussaint

Product Manager


This Webinar will be conducted in English and held via GoToWebinar.

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