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Communardo Service Card

Communardo Service Card - deutschWould you like our sup­port without having an indi­vi­dual quo­ta­tion in mind? Perhaps you have a pro­blem or ques­tion invol­ving our part­ner pro­ducts from Atlassian, Microsoft, IBM, Communote, or Interexx? Do you have ques­ti­ons about one of the AddOns we pro­vide? Then the Service Card is the quick and easy  way for you!

  • Answers to all sorts of func­tio­nal ques­ti­ons to do with our sup­por­ted products
  • Support con­cer­ning tech­ni­cal pro­blems (fail­u­res, error messages, inves­ti­ga­tion of logs or per­for­mance problems)
  • Help with set­ting up your configuration
  • Support for minor modifications

Products cove­red under the Service Card

  • All pro­ducts pro­vi­ded by Communardo or Communote (apps, plugins, add-ons)
  • Atlassian Confluence, Jira, Jira Agile, Stash, Bamboo, as well as selec­ted add-ons for these
  • Microsoft Sharepoint, Nintex, Microsoft 365, as well as selec­ted Apps for these
  • IBM Connections, Trilog ProjExec, and addi­tio­nal selec­ted add-ons

How to purchase the Service Card

You can purchase through our online shop. During the shop­ping pro­cess, you’ll be able to select the amount of hours you’d like to purchase. As soon as the purchase has been com­plete, we will con­tact you wit­hin 1–2 working days (in any case, not later than 5 work days). Subsequently, we will sup­port you in fin­ding a solu­tion up to the amount of time set in the hours allo­ca­ted. Any hours that aren’t used can then be used wit­hin a three-month period for other que­ries you may have.

NOT inclu­ded with the Service Card

  • Complex ana­ly­sis and concepts
  • Any pro­ject that requi­res more than 16 hours

Please con­tact us for an indi­vi­dual quo­ta­tion to help you in such cases! Find the form below.

How can we reach you?

Your Data

Communardo Software GmbH takes the pro­tec­tion of per­so­nal data very seriously. For this rea­son, we have taken tech­ni­cal and orga­niz­a­tio­nal mea­su­res to ensure that we com­ply with data pro­tec­tion regu­la­ti­ons. Communardo Software GmbH does not pass on your data to third parties.

Terms and con­di­ti­ons of the Communardo Service Card
Download of Terms (.pdf)

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