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Cenote Lockpoint

Company Overview

Cenote is a bou­tique soft­ware design com­pany focu­sed on the Atlassian eco­sys­tem. Its products
include Cenote Lockpoint, which per­mits the locking and unlo­cking of Confluence attachments
for exclu­sive editing.

Cenote Lockpoint pro­vi­des check in/out of Confluence attach­ments for exclu­sive editing and con­trol­led change management.

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Cenote Lockpoint adds check-in and check-out capa­bi­li­ties to Confluence, so you can lock any Confluence attach­ment while making changes.


Lockpoint sup­ports:

  • Seamless locking for all file types with Confluence 6.11+. One click auto­ma­ti­cally locks the docu­ment for exclu­sive edits, laun­ches the appli­ca­tion, and auto­ma­ti­cally unlocks when saved.
  • Seamless locking is also sup­ported for Confluence 6.10 and below for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint only, with manual locking for other file types.
  • Locking of all file types (on all ver­si­ons of Confluence) via the attach­ments macro, drag-and-drop attach­ments and elsewhere.
  • Gliffy dia­grams with in-place con­trols for locking/unlocking your diagrams.
  • Balsamiq Wireframes with in-place con­trols for locking/unlocking your wireframes.

Cenote Lockpoint is also a cru­cial Confluence app for teams migra­ting from Microsoft SharePoint who still need exclu­sive docu­ment editing.

In English, German, French, Dutch, Japanese & Russian.


The fol­lo­wing screen­shots demons­trate Cenote Lockpoint in action. If you have any ques­ti­ons about usage, see our pro­duct docu­men­ta­tion or ask us a ques­tion.

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Effortless Edit Workflow Exclusive Document Access Gliffy & Balsamiq Integrated
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Supports all file types, inclu­ding seam­less editing in Confluence 6.11+ Seamless editing of all attach­ment types with Confluence 6.11+, plus seam­less Edit in Office sup­port for ear­lier Confluence versions Works directly with the Attachments macro
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Integrates with Gliffy, right inside the editor Users can be noti­fied of unlo­cked files, and more


Cenote Lockpoint Download

Use the link below to down­load the latest ver­sion of Cenote Lockpoint. 

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Trial and Purchase

Cenote Lockpoint is available with a 30-day, no-questions-asked free­trial directly from the Confluence App (Add-On) Manager.

Quotes, orders and licen­sing of Lockpoint are hand­led exclu­si­vely by Atlassian through the Atlassian Marketplace.


Cenote is a Top Vendor, com­mit­ted to pro­vi­ding sup­port for their apps at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. If you encoun­ter any chal­lenges, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you to solve your issues.

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