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Visualization of page metadata with the Chart from Table macro

In the third part of this guest blog series, Vadim Rutkevich from StiltSoft will show you how to visualize page metadata with the Chart from Table macro.

The last thing you may want to accom­plish while eva­lua­ting the page meta­data is the visua­liz­a­tion of sprint dis­tri­bu­tion across the time­line. Here we will use the capa­bi­li­ties of the Chart from Table macro.

We insert it on the page by ent­e­ring '{Chart from Table}'. After this, you just need to move the Metadata over­view macro wit­hin it. Then edit the para­me­ters of the Chart from Table macro and select Gantt chart and set the cor­rect date format.

Visulization of Metadata 1

After saving the macro and the page, com­plete the final adjus­t­ments of the chart. Select the Addon Name as Labels Columns, and select the Start Date and End Date as Values columns.

Visulization of Metadata 2

This is one of the examp­les of how you can use a junc­tion of Metadata for Confluence and Table Filter and Charts add-ons.

If you have any ques­ti­ons, feel free to post a com­ment below.


Autor: Vadim Rutkevich, StiltSoft

>> Hier fin­den Sie die deutsch­spra­chige Version.

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