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User Profiles for Confluence 2.0 - The powerful People Directory

We are happy to present to you User Profiles for Confluence 2.0, the latest version of the highest selling add-on to improve user profiles in confluence!

Let's see what's new:

We are happy to pre­sent to you User Profiles for Confluence 2.0, the latest ver­sion of the hig­hest sel­ling add-on to improve user pro­files in confluence!

Let's see what's new:

Improved people search

When you visit the People Directory, you will notice a new option in the left side­bar. We have added the option to fil­ter the user pro­files based on pro­file ele­ment content.


Here's an example. Our goal is to find all employees working in Dresden.

Step 1: Choose the user pro­file ele­ment "Location".
Step 2: Enter "Dresden" as your search term.
Step 3: Filter fields by pres­sing "Enter".

As a result, only user pro­files with the loca­tion "Dresden" will be dis­played. Of course you can com­bine several fil­ters to nar­row down your search results.

But there is more!

Easier search terms

The search bar at the top has been impro­ved for a more intui­tive search. Simply enter your search term. Et voilà! There is no need to build com­pli­ca­ted search queries.


To round up the search opti­ons, fil­ters and search terms can be combined.
Coming back to our ear­lier example, we can search for "Karla" in addi­tion to our fil­ter and will find anyone cal­led Karla working in Dresden.

By the way, fans of com­plex search terms do not need to worry: You can still use Lucene query syn­tax in the search bar.

Changes in the Administration

Administrators will notice a new option called "Purge User Data" in the admi­nis­tra­tion. It allows you to per­ma­nently delete user pro­file data for deac­ti­va­ted or dele­ted Confluence users to pro­tect per­so­nal data. Further, ver­sion 2.0 offers a great per­for­mance improvement.

Head on over to our docu­men­ta­tion to find out more.

Curious on how to make smar­ter que­ries in your People Directory?
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30. August 2016

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