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SubSpace Navigation for Confluence 3.1 - #BringBackTheMacros

The new version 3.1 which is available now via Atlassian Marketplace offers a new way to include parts of your navigation menu into your confluence pages.

September last year was a major mile­stone for SubSpace Navigation for Confluence - we rebuilt the add-on from scratch and relaun­ched it. We've been over­whel­med by the amount of (by far mostly posi­tive) feed­back by our cus­to­mers about this release. Thanks a lot for that!

Just recently, the SubSpace Plugin tur­ned 8 years old and the next mile­stone for our bir­th­day child is fol­lowing shortly after. And we are not about to slow down impro­ving our products!

What you might have been missing

A few cus­to­mers men­tio­ned, while being happy about the new design, they are mis­sing one important thing: Macros! Previous ver­si­ons of the add-on pro­vi­ded a way to include infor­ma­tion about your wiki struc­ture wit­hin the con­tent (i.e. pages and blog posts). Now for archi­tec­tu­ral rea­sons we deci­ded to leave this fea­ture open with SubSpace 3.0.

Enter SubSpace Navigation for Confluence 3.1 - now with all new macros!

The new release which is avail­able now via the Atlassian Marketplace offers a new way to include parts of your navi­ga­tion menu into your con­flu­ence pages.

To see all the details about release 3.1 of SubSpace Navigation for Confluence, take a look at our JIRA-issues.

What's next for the SubSpace Navigation add-on?

You like the new ver­sion? You've been loo­king for ano­t­her cer­tain fea­ture? Let us know by giving us feed­back on the pro­ducts and help us making it even better.
Raise an issue, write a review in the Atlassian Marketplace or just send us an email. Our ears are open for you!

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