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Stash Project Categories - Beta Version 0.1

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A small simple plugin with a huge effect: Whoever works with Stash pro­bably waits for an oppor­tu­nity to cate­go­rize pro­jects somehow. With Stash Project Categories  each pro­ject can be assi­gned to one or more cate­go­ries in the pro­ject set­tings. Projects that belong tog­e­ther are use­fully grou­ped. Example cate­go­ries could be:

  • Technologies, such as Java, Ruby or Python
  • Sort by customer 
  • Internal cor­po­rate struc­tures, such as teams

The pain­ful search for a spe­ci­fic pro­ject in the long list over­view is now over. If you've already been using Stash for quite a long time, some pro­jects have already accu­mu­la­ted. By fil­te­ring cate­go­ries you will find rela­ted pro­jects much fas­ter with our Plugin than before.

Stash Project Categories is the solu­tion for an exis­ting fea­ture request in the JIRA of Atlassian: STASH-2727. So far, our deve­lo­pers at Communardo have released a beta ver­sion 0.1. The pur­pose is to gather feed­back and to see if the Plugin is well received.

72x72Starting from now Communardo will publish this type of Plugin pro­to­ty­pes under the ven­dor name Communardo Labs in the Atlassian Marketplace. Many of our great Plugin ideas will be publis­hed there in an early stage of deve­lo­p­ment. Add-Ons, which achieve a lot of encou­ra­ge­ment, will get fur­ther deve­lo­ped – taking into account the recei­ved feed­back. So take a look from time to time at the  Atlassian Marketplace and check out our new Plugins.

We appre­ciate your feed­back and a review directly in Atlassian Marketplace. For fur­ther ques­ti­ons, you can of course also send us an E‑Mail.

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