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RemindMe for JIRA 1.2 – We Now Speak JQL!

This week we released our JIRA add-on RemindMe for JIRA in Version 1.2. Take a few minutes to walk you through the new features.

Germany-Flag-iconThis week we released ver­sion 1.2 of our JIRA add-on RemindMe for JIRA into the Atlassian Marketplace. Let me take a few minu­tes to walk you through the new features.

Search for Issues with Reminders

A fre­quently reques­ted fea­ture that is finally avail­able for RemindMe: sear­ching for issues with remin­ders via the power­ful JQL! If you have set a remin­der pre­viously then you would only see it again on its RemindMe date (via email noti­fi­ca­tion). Using the JIRA search and JQL you could now easily find all remin­ders that are about to occur during your upco­m­ing vaca­tion and move them accord­in­gly. Let's have a look on what's possible:

issue in remindMe("all") - dis­plays all issues that have a RemindMe date set

issue in remindMe("2015/12/24") - dis­plays all issues where the RemindMe date is set to said date

issue in remindMe("1w") - dis­plays all issues where the remin­der is set to occur wit­hin the next week. "-1d" would also work (issues with remin­ders from yes­ter­day and today) as well as "-1w -2d" (I'll let you figure the result out 😉 ).

More examp­les can be found in the offi­cial pro­duct docu­men­ta­tion in our sup­port por­tal:

Keyboard Shortcuts for RemindMe

You are now able to set a RemindMe date with just one key­board short­cut: just press the magic key "r" once, set a date and optio­nally a descrip­tion for that remin­der and your are done! Easy as pie, isn't it?

Easy One-Click Deletion of Reminders

RemindMe 1.2 Delete reminders with ease!To remove a remin­der from an issue you had to manu­ally delete the date using the RemindMe dia­log. With RemindMe 1.2 this is so much easier – just click on the bin icon and the remin­der is gone.

RemindMe is avail­able via the Atlassian Marketplace. Do yourself a favor and just give it a try.

Here you will find more infor­ma­tion about our Atlassian licences.

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