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JIRA Quicksearch with CUTE

How to use our CUTE for JIRA add-on to add a quicksearch opportunity to you JIRA without having knowledge of the Atlassian addon development.

The Confluence Quicksearch is one of my most used fea­tures. I sim­ply type in some key­word and Confluence offers me some pos­si­ble results. I neit­her have to leave my cur­rent page nor do i have to switch over to the real search­page. So, there is one ques­tion: Why is there no such quick­se­arch fea­ture in JIRA? Fortunately, we have CUTE to help us out here…

The solu­tion should be simple and intui­tive. If we go to the JIRA glo­bal search and insert at least 3 cha­rac­ters, a quick­se­arch result panel should appear right below the search­box. Internally, the quick­se­arch only has to search for the issue sum­ma­ries. Additionaly, it should show up a result if we insert a spe­ci­fic issuekey.

We, at Communardo, have sol­ved this little requi­re­ment with our CUTE addon. It is avail­able at the Atlassian Marketplace and can be tried by anyone right now.



The CUTE addon gives the JIRA and Confluence admi­nis­tra­tors the oppor­tu­nity to insert their own HTML, CSS and JavaScript con­tent into JIRA or Confluence without having know­ledge of the Atlassian addon development.

We have packet our JIRA quick­se­arch solu­tion as an exten­sion and uploa­ded it to the Communardo Supportportal. Simply down­load the exten­sion and import it to your JIRA using the CUTE admi­nis­tra­tion view! You also can hop into our JIRA Demo and give it a try. Just insert the search­word "test" into the glo­bal search field!

There is a more detailed post that exp­lai­nes how this Extension has been built.

>> Find out more about JIRA licen­ces here!

13. März 2015

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