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Incoming Stash Project Categories 1.0

Within this arti­cle I will show you the fea­tures of the upco­m­ing release 1.0 of "Stash Project Categories" and try to cla­rify our major decision to make it a com­mer­cial release. 

Why now a paid add-on?

Due to the high demand for sup­port and the main­ten­an­ces costs, we had to make a decision about the future of our pro­duct. We eva­lua­ted a num­ber of opti­ons, such as aban­do­ning it com­ple­tely, or going to a paid add-on. We deci­ded on the lat­ter option. This said, we are not focu­sing on making a lot of money out of it, but just on main­tai­ning a healthy bud­get in order to keep the add-on going.

Some of the advan­ta­ges you will get from this:

  • As this will be an "Atlassian Verified" add-on, com­pa­ti­bi­lity with newer Stash ver­si­ons is guaranteed,
  • We will pro­vide pro­fes­sio­nal sup­port and
  • Hopefully we will be able to deve­lo­p­ment new and advan­ced features.

You might still ask, why are we making this switch now and not ear­lier. Simply said, with this add-on we had quite a lot of trou­ble in the past, and had to invest a lot of money to main­tain com­pa­ti­bi­lity. On the other hand, we are con­ti­nuously recei­ving com­pa­ti­bi­lity requests. Up to this point, we have not been able to ful­fill them immedia­tely, and our users have often had to wait a long time until we could ans­wer their requests.

What will it cost?

We still don't know, but it won't be expen­sive, as our cur­rent focus is only on maintenance. 

What's new in ver­sion 1.0?

Making this a paid add-on gave us the chance to improve it and to imple­ment some new fea­tures. Beside some bug fixes and com­pa­ti­bi­lity with Stash 3.0, the release con­tains the fol­lowing updates:

Quick Filtering of Projects

Easy Filtering

Projects can now be fil­te­red wit­hin these cate­go­ries, so you may find them more quickly.

Changes to cate­go­ries are now audited

Audit Log for Cute - Stash - Opera

The pro­jects audit log will con­tain infor­ma­tion about cate­gory chan­ges. Note: the prio­rity of the audit event is "medium".

What else has changed?

There are even more changes:

  • The list is sor­ted by pro­ject name and no lon­ger by key,
  • The selec­ted cate­gory is stored wit­hin a coo­kie and reope­ned on your next visit,
  • Anonymous users are also able to use these cate­go­ries for public pro­jects, and
  • We have greatly impro­ved the per­for­mance for many projects.

When will it be released?

We are plan­ning a release for next week.

Any ques­ti­ons or suggestions?

Don't hesi­tate to con­tact us or just use our JIRA.



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