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Improve your Jira Service Desk with CUTE

Navigate easily from the Service Desk customer portal to the JIRA issue view - with CUTE!
Jira Service Desk is now Jira Service Management.

Get to know more bout the new Jira Service Management.

If your com­pany uses Jira Service Desk Server, you might be fami­liar with the fol­lowing sce­n­a­rio: A cus­to­mer has rai­sed a sup­port request with you. Having a ques­tion regar­ding the request, they send you a link to the cus­to­mer request. However, when cli­cking the link as a Service Desk Agent, you are noti­fied that you are not allo­wed to see the cus­to­mer view. 

Error message in the customer portal that you are not allowed to see the request

To make things even more con­fu­sing, this is des­pite the fact that you have per­mis­sion to see the issue view in Jira its­elf. At this point, you are not auto­ma­ti­cally for­war­ded from the cus­to­mer view to the issue view.

You will not be the first Atlassian cus­to­mer to have trou­ble navi­ga­ting from the Customer Portal back to Jira. Over at Atlassian there is an open sug­ges­tion that addres­ses this behavior.

The Solution

Seeing as this error mes­sage is dis­played to ever­yone but Service Desk Agents, who are by far not the only group with cus­to­mer con­tact in any given com­pany, we were pres­sed for a solution.
It comes in form of our CUTE for Jira add-on. We used CUTE for Jira to dis­play an addi­tio­nal but­ton "Browse to inter­nal view" on the error screen which will lead you to the issue view of a request (pro­vi­ded you are per­mit­ted to see it).

Error message in the customer portal stating that you are not allowed to see request with an additional button reading'browse to internal view' and the mouse-over dialog reading'Forwarding to internal view for Communardo staff'

The Extension

Essentially, the exten­sion dis­plays a but­ton lin­king to the issue view based on the URL and the error mes­sage dis­played on-screen.

The exten­sion works in all Jira default lan­guages. The but­ton and mouse-over dia­log will gene­rally be dis­played in English. In German howe­ver, the but­ton and dia­log will appear in German.

Using a pro­perty "com­pany­name", we added the option to tailor the mouse-over dia­log to your brand.

Edit company property in the CUTE administration

Where can I get the Extension?

Download the exten­sion for free in our Support Portal. Like with all sam­ple exten­si­ons, you can make wha­te­ver chan­ges you need to use it in your envi­ron­ment, like adding fur­ther lan­guage support.

You can get a eva­lua­tion license in the Atlassian Marketplace to try it out!

29. Juni 2017

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