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High-Contrast Mode for Confluence

Firefox and Internet Explorer work well with high-contrast mode. Chrome can be adapted with the help of an extension.

Germany-Flag-iconMany visually impai­red users have a hard time rea­ding web­sites unaided. To make them more acces­si­ble, they use screen rea­ders or adjust the browser's font type and size. But espe­cially for people with color vision defi­ci­ency it may be suf­fi­ci­ent to incre­ase the con­trast. That is done with a set­ting of the ope­ra­ting sys­tem (e.g. Windows), which is picked up by the brow­sers. At least by most browsers.

With this blog­post I want to show how Atlassian Confluence looks in high-contrast mode, how some issues with it can be addres­sed, and how to enable it for Google Chrome.

Firefox and Internet Explorer are working fine with the ope­ra­ting system's set­ting. With IE it is not even necessary to rel­oad the tab after enab­ling high-contrast mode. The fol­lowing screen­shots show how Atlassian Confluence looks in this mode:

The screen­shots show that most con­tent is dis­played pro­perly with high-contrast, but some gra­phi­cal ele­ments are mis­sing. This has not to do with high-contrast mode its­elf, but rather with how Confluence dis­plays these ele­ments. To fix those issues we recom­mend the use of our add-on Accessibility for Confluence. Its value is most pro­mi­nent in the edi­tor, where it makes the but­tons legi­ble and the­re­fore usable.

With Google Chrome this doesn't work out-of-the-box. Websites are not ren­de­red dif­fer­ently in high-contrast mode; Chrome is not hono­u­ring the ope­ra­ting system's set­ting. Fortunately, the Extension High Contrast can be used to manu­ally adjust Chrome's high-contrast mode. It has mul­ti­ple con­trast set­tings, two of which are shown in these screen­shots (again, using the example Atlassian Confluence).


logo_accessibility_for_confluenceYou want to know more about our add-on Accessibility for Confluence?

Learn more about it on our web­site, or con­tact us directly!

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