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Happy 8th birthday, SubSpace!

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On January 5th, 2017, Communardo Products rejoices and cele­bra­tes: 8 years ago, the first ver­sion of the SubSpace Plugin has been released in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Since then, our pro­duct family expan­ded by the User Profiles add-ons, CUTE, Metadata, Karma, RemindMe or just recently the SharePoint Connector. And with them, our team is gro­wing – in expe­ri­ence and the ambi­tion to fur­ther improve our pro­ducts, so that they are hel­pful to thousands of com­pa­nies world­wide, making col­la­bo­ra­tion smar­ter each day (Zwinkern)

In September 2016, our add-on clas­sic got a make-over and a fresh name: SubSpace Navigation for Confluence. And things are not slowing down: the next release is just around the cor­ner!

You love SubSpace as much as we do? Leave a bir­th­day review in the Atlassian Marketplace.

…they grow up so fast.

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5. Januar 2017

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