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Creating email signatures in JIRA with the new User Profiles for JIRA 2.0

User Profiles for JIRA 2.0: Learn more about how to use user profile information in custom fields on every issue to create email signatures in JIRA.

Since a few days, the latest release of our User Profiles for JIRA add-on is available on the Atlassian Marketplace. One major fea­ture in ver­sion 2.0 is the pos­si­bi­lity to work with the infor­ma­tion in the user pro­file in cus­tom fields on every issue. Now I'd like to show­case one par­ti­cu­lar inte­res­t­ing use case for this func­tion­a­lity: Creating indi­vi­dual email signa­tures in JIRA.

JIRA mails look mostly the same for all users. When you want to use them to com­mu­ni­cate with your cus­to­mers or at least your col­leges all over the world it would be great to attach an indi­vi­dual email signa­ture for each user.

In most cases, the infor­ma­tion we need for the typi­cal signa­ture of an employee is stored in the user direc­tory of the com­pany. We only need to get this infor­ma­tion atta­ched to our emails.

With User Profiles for JIRA you get the pos­si­bi­lity to coll­ect the data from the user direc­tory in an easy way. Just create a pro­file field for every piece of infor­ma­tion that you want to use in JIRA and link it to the data in the user direc­tory. An exam­ple can be seen in our docu­men­ta­tion.

Now we need to inte­grate all this data from the user pro­file into our JIRA issues. With the new User Profiles for JIRA 2.0, we have the option to create a cus­tom field to store data from the user pro­file in it.

User Profiles for JIRA 2.0

For more infor­ma­tion about this par­ti­cu­lar new fea­ture just visit the Atlassian Marketplace or read our blog post regar­ding the new release.

The last step is to link the data into our emails. For this, we use the add-on Email this Issue. Here we can create our own email tem­pla­tes and cus­to­mize the way JIRA is hand­ling mails. In the indi­vi­dual email tem­pla­tes, we can inte­grate pla­ce­hol­ders for our cus­tom fields with all the infor­ma­tion we need.

Individual signatures in JIRA with User Profiles for JIRA 2.0

If you have ques­ti­ons regar­ding our use cases feel free to cont­act us.

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