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Confluence Subspace plugin: setting the sequence order of spaces

Quite often I get from users of the Subspace Plugin the ques­tion: “How can I set the order sequence of spaces?” This is espe­cially important if the plugin is used to create glo­bal navi­ga­tion bars.

The Subspace Plugin has no fea­tures to set the order sequence manu­ally. But the {sub­s­paces} macro, that can be used to show the space hier­ar­chy, pro­vi­des several sort para­me­ters. They can be used for a work­around to set the sequence order of the spaces.

I’ll exp­lain this work­around with the sam­ple space struc­ture that is shown in the left screenshot.

The para­me­ter {sub­s­paces:sort=modification} allows to sort spaces ascen­ding by the date of the last modi­fi­ca­tion. To sort the spaces for the con­ti­nents ascen­ding by its area, first the space “Europe” has to be modi­fied (for example by edi­t­ing the space details – adding a space cha­rac­ter to the space descrip­tion would be enough). Then the space “Africa” has to be modi­fied, fol­lo­wed by the space “Asia”.

The same steps could be used to sort the spaces for the coun­tries. But maybe one don’t want to re-sort the spaces every time a new space for a coun­try has been crea­ted, since new spaces will be added accord­ing to its modi­fi­ca­tion date at the last posi­tion of the sequence order.  In that case the para­me­ter {sub­s­paces:sort=mixed} is use­ful. It sorts the spaces in the first/top level by modi­fi­ca­tion date and all sub spaces alpha­be­ti­cally by title.

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