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Communardo enters Codegeist Challenge

Communardo is sub­mit­ting a Confluence plugin to this years Codegeist com­pe­ti­tion, power­ded by Atlassian.

The Notify&Tag Plugin adds twitter-like func­tio­n­a­lity to Confluence. It allows to add labels to pages and news by using #hash­tags. Additionally users can be noti­fied about inte­res­ting con­tent (pages, news and comments) by using the @username notation.

To create a label from a term in the con­tent of a page or news item just pre­cede  it with "#" while wri­ting the text. There is no need to pro­vide it again in the accord­ing form field: Press "Save" and it will be added to the list of labels.

To notify a user about the page, news or com­ment you are crea­ting, sim­ply add his user­name to the text and put "@" in front of it. After saving he will recieve an email con­tai­ning an excerpt and a link to con­tent. This is a nice fea­ture to attract the atten­tion to rele­vant infor­ma­tion, like the minu­tes of a mis­sed mee­ting. You are not requi­ring to track the acti­vity of the whole site using RSS feeds or the recently-updated macro. Thus, the dan­ger of mis­sing important infor­ma­tion is redu­ced (pro­vi­ded emails are che­cked on a regu­lar basis 😉 ).

The pre­sen­ta­tion below gives some addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion. For more exhaus­tive usage doku­men­ta­tion you can visit the plugin home­page.

Klicken Sie auf den unte­ren Button, um den Inhalt von zu laden.

Inhalt laden

Needless to say, we are eager to get your feed­back. So feel free to add a com­ment to this blog or any of the plugin pages and tell us about your opi­nion or the fea­ture you are missing.

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Congrats.  I saw it on the Codegeist ent­ries page already, and I think that is a really cool idea.  I wish I had an idea like this.. 🙂
K15t Software, makers of the Scroll Wiki Exporter

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