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Communardo add-on Metadata for Confluence - structure your wiki in a better way

Structure your wiki in a better way with Metadata for Confluence - the brand new add-on!

We have recently laun­ched our new add-on meta­data for Confluence. In this blog post I would like to show you how you can dis­play per­so­na­li­zed meta­data fields. 

The add-on Metadata for Confluence enab­les you to struc­ture and cate­go­rize Confluence-systems. It also allows Confluence area admi­nis­tra­tors to set meta­data fields and sets for each area. Depending on the tem­plate that the admi­nis­tra­tor has crea­ted, users can later add con­tent to the site. The pages that have been fil­led with meta­data can now be found and dis­played through addi­tio­nal macros.

Let’s assume we would like to define a con­tact per­son for every page in your area. Area admi­nis­tra­tors can easily create new fields in the area admi­nis­tra­tion. Name the first field “Contact Person”, so the per­son in charge can later add his/her name. If you would like to enable your employees to type in fur­ther infor­ma­tion then create a second field named “Contact Person Message”, for instance.

Metadata for Confluence
Overview of meta­data fields in the space administration


However, you can­not use sin­gle meta­data fields. You have to com­bine the fields into meta­data sets in order to assign them to dif­fe­rent pages or tem­pla­tes.  For example, name your meta­data set “Help Desk” and add the fields you have crea­ted. The meta­data set is now defi­ned as a stan­dard set for all your pages wit­hin that area.


Metadata for Confluence
Overview of meta­data sets in the space administration


Every page that is added in that area will auto­ma­ti­cally con­tain the “Help Desk” set. Users can add and main­tain the necessary infor­ma­tion directly on the page just by using the meta­data field.

Metadata for Confluence
Editing page metadata


In order to dis­play the per­son in charge, we can create a user macro cal­led “HelpDeskPanel”. Within this macro, we can use the assi­stant “metadataHelper”, offe­red by the add-on Metadata for Confluence. It helps you to dis­play the desi­gna­ted per­son in charge and to inte­grate this in an appro­priate way in HTML. For this we have ren­de­red a macro panel and a macro pro­file and at the same time pre­pa­red an optio­nal text tem­plate for the per­son in charge.

## @noparams
<ac:structured-macro ac:name="panel">
 <ac:parameter ac:name="title">Contact Person</ac:parameter>
 #if($metadataValue && $metadataValue.trim() != "")
 <ac:structured-macro ac:name="profile">
 <ac:parameter ac:name="user"><ri:user ri:userkey="$user.key" /></ac:parameter>
 Please define a contact person

If you incor­po­rate it into a page then the per­son in charge will auto­ma­ti­cally be selec­ted and presented.

Metadata for Confluence
inte­gra­ted macro

Because the meta­data add-on allows com­plete access to the data for macro / user macro deve­lo­pers, this results in an almost end­less amount of pos­si­ble app­li­ca­ti­ons to struc­ture your own Confluence more effi­ci­ently and to obtain infor­ma­tion more quickly.

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28. August 2015

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