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Accessibility add-on for barrier-free working with Confluence

The first marketable extension for barrier-free working with Confluence: Accessibility add-on for Confluence by Communardo.


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With the ever incre­a­sing deve­lo­p­ments in the work­place to become more digi­ta­li­zed, the use of enter­prise app­li­ca­ti­ons is no lon­ger limi­ted to just a small select group of employees. Social intra­nets, know­ledge manage­ment sys­tems and employee por­tals now involve the ent­ire staff and faci­li­tate new ways of net­wor­king, com­mu­ni­ca­tion and collaboration.
However, with a more diverse set of users, the requi­re­ments for inter­nal app­li­ca­ti­ons have con­se­quently chan­ged: app­li­ca­ti­ons are not only sup­po­sed to pos­sess a high degree of usa­bi­lity but also need to be usable by every employee regard­less of age, gen­der and edu­ca­tion etc. Therefore, acces­si­bi­lity plays an important and signi­fi­cant role that should not be underestimated.

The barrier-free design of intra­net app­li­ca­ti­ons helps people with visual or motor impairments allowing them to access infor­ma­tion and actively par­ti­ci­pate. The add-on is desi­gned to meet the requi­re­ments of WCAG 2.0Section 508 or BITV 2.0. These regu­la­ti­ons apply to all web­sites as well as all public access Internet sites of government agencies.

The solu­tion for a barrier-free Confluence

Here at Communardo, we are very exci­ted the­re­fore to intro­duce the first mar­ket­a­ble exten­sion for Confluence! The Accessibility add-on for Confluence. The add-on faci­li­ta­tes working with Wiki for visually impai­red, blind and phy­si­cally dis­ab­led users.

The core com­po­nent of the add-on is the screen rea­der mode, which opti­mi­zes Wiki pages and other func­tions by using screen rea­der soft­ware. So not only will the exis­ting con­tent be adjus­ted for the dis­play screen but a new navi­ga­tion enab­les simple and intui­tive access to page ele­ments and the most important functions!


However, the screen rea­der mode is not the only fea­ture! We have also impro­ved the stan­dard func­tions. For example, the Editor: Previously, when you crea­ted or edi­ted a page in con­trast mode, some icons were unfor­tu­n­a­tely not visi­ble on the but­tons. With con­stant drive and enthu­si­asm for impro­ve­ment we have deve­lo­ped an exten­sion that fixes this pro­blem by auto­ma­ti­cally dis­play­ing all icons as text when you switch to this mode.


You can get more infor­ma­tion about the Accessibility add-on for Confluence on our pro­duct page.

>> Feel free to con­tact us if you have any ques­ti­ons or would like to find out more about Atlassian licen­ces.

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