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Communardo Atlassian Add-ons

You find our add-ons for the Atlassian solutions Confluence,
JIRA and Bitbucket in the Atlassian marketplace

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Atlassian Add-ons

Communardo Apps for Atlassian solutions

The following apps are available in the Atlassian Marketplace for download. All of them are excellent as „Atlassian Top Vendor“. With this, Atlassian guarantees our customers a well-established and reliable app supplier, who is always there at your side for support.

Over 2,100 companies in over 85 countries are using our apps.


Confluence Apps


SharePoint Connector for Confluence

#SharePoint #Confluence #Integration

SharePoint Connector for Confluence brings SharePoint Power to your wiki. Combine forces of Confluence and SharePoint: Use Confluence for agile documentation and general wiki content and SharePoint for your more complex workflow and document management needs. Search, embed and link between SharePoint and Confluence as though they were one system.

Atlassian Confluence

User Profiles for Confluence

#Visualization #Profile #Organisations-Chart

Out of date profiles, incomplete directories, missing phone numbers, no picture – How bad is this? User Profiles for Confluence synchronizes all that with central user directories and even creates attractive people directories, org charts and profile pages. Now people are the core of your wiki.

Metadata for Confluence

Metadata for Confluence

#Structure #Searchability #Consistency

Do you often look for specific information in your wiki? How do you keep all the content in your Confluence organized? The simple yet effective solution: Metadata – additional, predefined attributes  that you add to the content while working on it. With Metadata for Confluence you can build organized, well structured overviews on the fly – to browse your wiki easily.


Karma for Confluence

#Gamification #Efficiency #Potential

Would you like your users to have more fun while working with Confluence? Karma for Confluence uses tools we all know from gaming. While writing blog posts, commenting on articles or creating pages in Confluence users collect Karma points. With badges and leader boards visible to everyone working in Confluence becomes more like a fun competition than hard work. You can even award medals to your colleagues for helping out. So add Karma to Confluence and everyone wins!


CUTE for Confluence

#Design #Individualization #UserInterface

You don’t really like the standard look and feel of Confluence and Jira? With CUTE for Confluence or Jira you can make these tools look familiar and easily follow your company’s corporate design guidelines. The CUTE app modifies the user interface and even allows you to add or remove features without the need of additional app development. CUTE makes the Atlassian tools work for everyone!


Accessibility for Confluence

#Accessibility #Impairments

For users who are visually impaired, blind or motor impaired, there is Accessibility for Confluence. A great app allowing optimization for screen readers, better contrast and more intuitive navigation with the tab key. Include everyone with just one app and meet WCAG 2.0Section 508, or BITV 2.0 accessibility requirements.

Search Connector for SharePoint Search

Connector for SharePoint Search

#SharePoint #Confluence #Integrated Searches #Knowledge Management

Imagine you are looking for a specific document and you are not sure whether it’s in SharePoint or Confluence? With the Connector for SharePoint Search you don’t have to search separately in Confluence and SharePoint! Get a single entry point for your search: Search results are shown in a ranked list in SharePoint allowing you to find the desired file faster.


Subspace Navigation for Confluence

#Structure #Navigation

Easily browse your wiki with a menu structure. SubSpace Navigation for Confluence adds personalized menus to your wiki with links to spaces, pages or blog posts and even CQL.

Space Blueprint - IT System and Application Catalogue

IT System and Application Catalogue

#IT-Infrastructure #Server #Applications #Categorization

No one really likes time consuming documentation tasks, especially in IT. Using pre-assembled forms and overview pages, the IT System and Application Catalogue allows you to create a well-structured up-to-date documentation of your systems with less effort.

Jira Apps

Atlassian Confluence

User Profiles for Jira

#Visualization #Profile #Experts

Ever wanted to pick up the phone in order to call the assignee or reporter of a particular Jira issue? But no number at hand? User Profiles for Jira synchronizes all profile information such as profile picture, superior, phone number etc. with central user directories and displays contact information in a hover profile right at the issue. No need for manual updates.


CUTE for Jira

#Design #Individualization #UserInterface

With CUTE, you can individually design the user surface from Confluence or Jira entirely in accordance with your CI/CD. Through additional elements, the user surface can be expanded. The adjustment for this is simple and flexible – knowledge about the development of plugins is not required.



#Reminders #Scheduling

So that you will never again forget to take care all of your errands, RemindMe is there to tap you on the shoulder. The smooth flow of operations in your company will no longer be held up by unfinished business. RemindMe functions quickly, simply, and individually, according to user.

Bitbucket Apps

Stash Categories 1.0

Categories for Bitbucket

#Projects #Repositories #Structuring #Clarity

Categories for Bitbucket structures repositories and projects by categorizing them, giving you a quick overview to find projects and repositories faster than ever before.

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