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Barrier-free Working with Atlassian Confluence

Barrier-free Working with Atlassian Confluence

accessability-add-on What most computer users take for granted can be a huge barrier for people with visual or motor impairments. TheAccessibility add-on for Confluence allows you to create a barrier-free work environment for your colleagues with disabilities. The benefits: texts can be read out loud, the visual display offers greater flexibility, and users with a limited range of motion can make full use of Confluence with the help of the keyboard. The add-on is designed to meet the requirements of WCAG 2.0, Section 508 orBITV 2.0. These regulations apply to all websites as well as all public access Internet sites of government agencies. However, private companies, associations, and societies should also consider accessibility as it:

  • highly increases usability for visually impaired users
  • offers improved keyboard usage for all other users too
  • supports acceptance and the overall image of your services

Individual adjustments to software products that do not focus on accessibility are usually a tedious process that is very cost-intensive. In addition, adjustments may impede successful software updates, regularly causing additional costs in subsequent years. Our experience has shown that this type of adjustment to platforms has to persist for long time periods, since manufacturers focus their development mainly on functions. This kind of self-development will not necessarily be integrated into future product releases.

Specific Benefits of the Accessibility add-on for Confluence

…for blind users: Screen reader optimized pages and easy navigation. …for visually-impaired users: Clear and flexible presentation of content on the computer screen. …for physically disabled users: Control Confluence entirely by keyboard.

The Most Important Functions

  • Seperate page layouts for screen reader use with:
    • Skip links for navigating within pages,
    • Quick access to functions and pages,
    • Optimized Breadcrumb for localization, and
    • Simplified display of site contents.
  • Option to operate the editor in contrast mode by automatically replacing icons with text.
  • Improved keyboard handling by correcting the tabulator sequence.

As the first vendor, Communardo has developed a solution for Atlassian Confluence which provides the necessary adjustments to your Wiki for barrier-free work. Are you interested or do you have any further questions?

We are more than happy to advise you!

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Our Solution for Accessibility

Communardo has now developed a solution for the enterprise wiki Confluence from Atlassian. This piece of software greatly improves the working environment for visually-impaired, blind, and physically disabled people: the Accessibility add-on. With this add-on, we offer a standard solution for barrier-free work with Confluence, taking into account current regulations such as the BITV 2.0. In addition, individual adjustments can be made at any time. The product is easy to install and does not need to be configured by the user or administrator. Due to on-going development, you will benefit from its compatibility to future Confluence versions. We have extensive experience with requirements from workers‘ councils and associations for severely disabled people. We have supported them in obtaining a positive barrier-free certification for their platforms. The Accessibilty add-on facilitates access to the following spaces and functions of Atlassian Confluence:

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Sites and blog posts, including attachments
  • Search
  • Space Directory, page tree and favorites
  • Profiles
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